singularity inspect

Show metadata for an image


Inspect will show you labels, environment variables, and scripts associated with the image determined by the flags you pass.
singularity inspect [inspect options...] <image path>


$ singularity inspect ubuntu.sif


    --app string    inspect a specific app
-d, --deffile       show the Singularity recipe file that was used to generate the image
-e, --environment   show the environment settings for the image
-h, --help          help for inspect
-H, --helpfile      inspect the runscript helpfile, if it exists
-j, --json          print structured json instead of sections
-l, --labels        show the labels associated with the image (default)
    --list-apps     list all apps in a contianer
-r, --runscript     show the runscript for the image
-t, --test          show the test script for the image


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