singularity key

Manage OpenPGP keys


Manage OpenPGP keys both locally via a Singularity keychain and remotely via a Sylabs Cloud Keystore. The default keyring is ‘~/.singularity/sypgp’ if ‘SINGULARITY_SYPGPDIR’ is not set.
singularity key [key options...]


All group commands have their own help output:

$ singularity help key newpair
$ singularity key list --help


-h, --help   help for key


Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) * singularity key export - Export a public or private key into a specific file * singularity key import - Import a local key into the local keyring * singularity key list - List keys in your local keyring * singularity key newpair - Create a new key pair * singularity key pull - Download a public key from a key server * singularity key push - Upload a public key to a key server * singularity key remove - Remove a local public key from your keyring * singularity key search - Search for keys on a key server

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