singularity inspect

Show metadata for an image


Inspect will show you labels, environment variables, apps and scripts associated with the image determined by the flags you pass. By default, they will be shown in plain text. If you would like to list them in json format, you should use the –json flag.

singularity inspect [inspect options...] <image path>


$ singularity inspect ubuntu.sif

If you want to list the applications (apps) installed in a container (located at
/scif/apps) you should run inspect command with --list-apps <container-image> flag.
( See for more information on SCIF apps)

The following environment variables are available to you when called
from the shell inside the container. The top variables are relevant
to the active app (--app <app>) and the bottom available for all
apps regardless of the active app. Both sets of variables are also available during development (at build time).

    SCIF_APPNAME       the name for the active application
    SCIF_APPROOT       the installation folder for the application created at /scif/apps/<app>
    SCIF_APPMETA       the application metadata folder
    SCIF_APPDATA       the data folder created for the application at /scif/data/<app>
      SCIF_APPINPUT    expected input folder within data base folder
      SCIF_APPOUTPUT   the output data folder within data base folder

    SCIF_APPENV        points to the application's custom file in its metadata folder
    SCIF_APPLABELS     is the application's labels.json in the metadata folder
    SCIF_APPBIN        is the bin folder for the app, which is automatically added to the $PATH when the app is active
    SCIF_APPLIB        is the application's library folder that is added to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    SCIF_APPRUN        is the runscript
    SCIF_APPHELP       is the help file for the runscript
    SCIF_APPTEST       is the testing script ( associated with the application
    SCIF_APPNAME       the name for the active application
    SCIF_APPFILES      the files section associated with the application that are added to


    SCIF_DATA             scif defined data base for all apps (/scif/data)
    SCIF_APPS             scif defined install bases for all apps (/scif/apps)
    SCIF_APPROOT_<app>    root for application <app>
    SCIF_APPDATA_<app>    data root for application <app>

To list all your apps:

$ singularity inspect --list-apps ubuntu.sif

To list only labels in the json format from an image:

$ singularity inspect --json --labels ubuntu.sif

To verify you own a single application on your container image, use the --app <appname> flag:

$ singularity inspect --app <appname> ubuntu.sif


    --all           show all available data (imply --json option)
    --app string    inspect a specific app
-d, --deffile       show the Singularity recipe file that was used to generate the image
-e, --environment   show the environment settings for the image
-h, --help          help for inspect
-H, --helpfile      inspect the runscript helpfile, if it exists
-j, --json          print structured json instead of sections
-l, --labels        show the labels for the image (default)
    --list-apps     list all apps in a container
-r, --runscript     show the runscript for the image
-s, --startscript   show the startscript for the image
-t, --test          show the test script for the image


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