singularity cache clean

Clean your local Singularity cache


This will clean your local cache (stored at $HOME/.singularity/cache if SINGULARITY_CACHEDIR is not set). By default only blob cache is cleaned, use ‘–all’ to clean the entire cache.
singularity cache clean [clean options...]


All group commands have their own help output:

$ singularity help cache clean --name cache_name.sif
$ singularity help cache clean --type=library,oci
$ singularity cache clean --help


-a, --all            clean all cache (will override all other options)
-h, --help           help for clean
-N, --name string    specify a container cache to clean (will clear all cache with the same name)
-T, --type strings   clean cache type, choose between: library, oci, and blob (default [blob])


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