Comparing Singularity-CRI with others

You may wonder, what makes Singularity-CRI different from other CRI implementations.

Well, there are couple of reasons. First of all, that is the only implementation fully compatible and designed specially for Singularity.

Singularity is known for its security and performance, especially when it comes to HPC. Unlike other popular runtimes, Singularity is not run as a daemon on a node, which prevents lots of security leaks.

Secondly, Singularity-CRI makes use of SIF images, which allows you to use all SIF benefits out of the box. For instance, Singularity-CRI will automatically check SIF signatures upon pulling an image. Also all pulled images that are not in SIF format will be automatically converted to SIF.

Thirdly, aiming HPC users needs, Singularity-CRI makes it possible to leverage pre-pulled SIF images to launch pods. To use this feature, specify local.file prefix before full SIF image path on host and Singularity-CRI will do the rest.

Last, but not least, Singularity is aimed at compute, that is why Singularity-CRI has built-in NVIDIA GPU support. With it, your Kubernetes cluster won’t need any additional tuning to use GPUs. You use Kubernetes as usual and Singularity-CRI handles the rest.