Known issues and constraints

Differentiate same image with different tags

Because images external to the Library are in a format other than SIF, when pulled they are converted to this native format for use by Singularity. Each time a SIF file is created through this conversion process a timestamp is automatically generated and captured as SIF metadata. Unfortunately, changes in the timestamp result in uniquely tagged images - even though the only difference is the timestamp in the SIF metadata. This matter has been classified as a known issue for documentation; refer to issue for additional details.

Using image from private registry

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use on-prem Sylabs library or pull private SIF images when working with Singularity-CRI. However, this is expected to change soon as we work with Kubernetes maintainers on the issue. As a current workaround we suggest to configure each node individually.

It is still possible to pull private SIF images from Cloud Library using image pull secrets. This will require creating a secret of type (a proposal is already created in order to change this hardcoded part of Kubernetes). The full flow is the following:

  1. Create an access token to the Cloud Library (see docs)
  2. Create pull secret
$ kubectl create secret docker-registry cloud-secret \ \
  --docker-username=<any-name-here> \
  1. Use pull secret during pod creation
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: secret
    - name: secret
      tty: true
      stdin: true
    - name: cloud-secret