singularity key pull

Download a public key from a key server


The ‘key pull’ command allows you to retrieve public key material from a remote key server, and add it to your keyring. Note that Singularity consults your keyring when running commands such as ‘singularity verify’, and thus adding a key to your keyring implies a level of trust. Because of this, it is recommended that you verify the fingerprint of the key with its owner prior to running this command.

singularity key pull [pull options...] <fingerprint>


$ singularity key pull 8883491F4268F173C6E5DC49EDECE4F3F38D871E


-g, --global       manage global public keys (import/pull/remove are restricted to root user or unprivileged installation only)
-h, --help         help for pull
-u, --url string   specify the key server URL


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