singularity registry login

Login to an OCI/Docker registry


The ‘registry login’ command allows you to login to a specific OCI/Docker registry.

singularity registry login [login options...] <registry_uri>


To login in to a docker/OCI registry:
$ singularity registry login --username foo docker://
$ singularity registry login --username foo oras://

Note that many cloud OCI registries use token-based authentication. The token
should be specified as the password for login. A username is still required.
E.g. when using a standard Azure identity and token to login to an ACR
registry, the username '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' is required.
Consult your provider's documentation for details concerning their specific
login requirements.


    --authfile string   Docker-style authentication file to use for writing/reading OCI registry credentials
-h, --help              help for login
-p, --password string   password / token to authenticate with
    --password-stdin    take password from standard input
-u, --username string   username to authenticate with (required for Docker/OCI registry login)


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